Android ported to Nokia N900 internet tablet

A team of Maemo hackers working with Nokia’s home grown Linux platform have successfully ported the Android platform to the Nokia N900 internet tablet, replacing the original Maemo 5 OS.

Working under the NITdroid project – for Nokia Internet Tablets – the coders have got Android version 2.1, known as Éclair, up and running on the Nokia N900, which follows up from Nokia’s previous generation of internet tablets such as the N810.

In a shaky YouTube video, posted below, the operating system is shown booting on the device, and shows Android performing with decent speed. The port is a long way of being usable however, as many of the drivers for telephony and wifi to mention but a few are still missing.

“The touch screen is near enough perfect and the current speed is excellent,” said the lead developer who goes by the name of dj_steve. “[We] will be using a overclocked kernel before long courtesy of titan so will have a android build running at 800mhz or 1ghz,” he said.

Still, the purpose of the project is to eventually be able to dual boot into Android or Maemo, to have functional phone capabilities on the N900, and to have all features, such as sound, wifi and 3D graphics working on all versions of devices.

Last week we reported that IPhone and Android platform hacker David Wang had got Android running on the iPhone 3G, and it’s looking pretty good, although audio hasn’t made it across yet.


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  1. Avatar Zoltan 14/05/2010 @ 8:39 am

    The reason I’d buy an N900 is Maemo5!

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