SingTel enhances capacity with SON and small cells

Singaporean operator SingTel has enhanced its network capacity by deploying a SON solution and small cell technology. The operator is rolling out the equipment in high traffic locations such as shopping malls, event and concert venues, as well as some commercial and residential buildings.

“We believe our customers will feel a real difference when the new enhancements are in place,” said Tay Yeow Lian, SingTel’s VP of mobile core engineering. “They will enjoy up to 20 per cent faster internet access in crowded places that are prone to network congestion. The chances of encountering a dropped call at these packed locations will also be reduced by as much as 40 per cent.”

He added that SingTel has invested heavily in its networks and is the only 4G service provider to offer speeds of up to 150Mbps and nationwide dual-band coverage.

“By investing in new technologies, we seek to provide our customers with an even better experience with their communications and multimedia applications,” Tay added.

The operator said that its SON solution automatically detects areas of congestion and immediately re-assigns data handling capacity from neighbouring under-utilised cells. SingTel claimed it is the first mobile operator in Singapore to implement SON across its entire network.

The small cell technology being deployed by SingTel aims to provide high-speed mobile coverage in locations such as basements and underground carparks, where it is impossible to install conventional base stations and radio network equipment, the firm said.

“We aim to make our networks as future-proof as possible. Feedback from our customers is important, as it helps us to prioritise our network upgrades according to their needs,” Tay added.


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