3 UK tries to spark price war over iPhone 4

Trust the UK’s smallest mobile operator, 3 UK, to try to start a price war over the latest Apple device to hit the shelves. We say ‘try’ to start a price war because it’s become apparent that the UK has sold out of iPhone 4s, at least for now anyway.

Still, 3 is allowing users to register their interest on site, and will let consumers known as soon as it has devices in stock. On paper, the pricing looks like it will be attractive to consumers and may even spark a price war in the UK, given that almost every carrier is now offering the iPhone 4.

3 appears to be subsidising the cost of the device more than the other players on a 24 month contract, charging just £99 for the 16GB device on a £30 or £35 per month tariff, £169 on a £35 per month tariff and giving it away at £45 per month.

The company is also bundling 1GB of mobile data usage with all its service plans, one upping the competition in most cases, as well as beefing up the bucket of minutes to 2000 across its higher end offers.


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