AT&T launches payment services for businesses

US operator AT&T has launched two solutions to allow businesses to process payments using a mobile device. The operator teamed up with payment processing services provider Vantiv to develop the solutions, which it says offer a highly secure and swift method to process transactions.

The first solution, which the firms have named Vantiv Mobile Accept from AT&T, is a mobile app that uses a card reader and allows businesses to swipe payment cards using a tablet or smartphone.

The second, Vantiv Mobile Checkout from AT&T, is a tablet based cloud solution that allows firms to process payments and access their business data on the move. Optional extras include a countertop receipt printer and an encrypted card reader.

The operator said the solutions are tailored to professionals such as plumbers or electricians who would be able to accept payments within their customers’ homes, restaurateurs to offer tablet-based payment options to speed table turnover and retailers that can capture and process customer email addresses with payments and use the information to target email campaigns at them.

“Mobile devices and platforms continue to revolutionise the business of selling,” said Mike Troiano, VP for advance mobility solutions at AT&T Business Solutions. “Vantiv mobile payment solutions from AT&T can empower businesses of all sizes to seize the mobility opportunity. This is the latest example of AT&T’s commitment to deliver the most advanced mobile ecosystem in the industry for our customers.”

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