Amobee, 4th Screen score big ad deals

Competition in the mobile advertising space is getting heated, with Amobee on Wednesday announcing a major European deal with publishing house Gruner + Jahr Electronic Media Sales (G+J EMS).

Under the agreement, mobile ad network Amobee will be selling and serving ads on mobile sites and applications for titles including Financial Times Deutschland, Spiegel, Stern, Gala, Brigitte, Vodafone, O2 Telefónica among others. G+J EMS claims to represent 75 per cent of premium mobile content in Germany, with Amobee expecting to be serving billions of ads impressions per month.

Amobee said it reaches around one in seven mobile users on the planet every day, and the deal with G+J “foreshadows a new era in mobile where multiple partners come together to consolidate their content, creating a simple and valuable eco-system for publishers and advertisers alike”.

In related news, 4th Screen Advertising, another mobile ad agency, has announced its US launch with music discovery firm Shazam as its foundation client. The deal comes on the back of a previous partnership with Shazam Europe and will give 4th Screen access to another 75 million Shazam users, pitching integrated advertising and sponsorship opportunities around the music tagging service.

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  1. Avatar fernando 03/09/2010 @ 4:55 pm

    the mobile marketing development is notorious all over Europe, specially in countries such as England and Italy, that, in general are a little bit ahead in these terms. For those interested in the Italian market there’s a very nice report written by the Politecnico di Milano, called “The consumer is Mobile: Marketing & Services are in pursuit” that can be found here:
    hope you enjoy!

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