Vipnet opts for Redknee billing solution

Croatian mobile operator Vipnet, a subsidiary of Telekom Austria, has announced that it will upgrade to Canadian BSS solutions vendor Redknee’s latest real time billing solution.

The operator, a multi-play services provider, aims to use the solution to help it faster launch new services to its customer base. The solution also affords Vipnet the agility to cross-sell and upsell across its multiplay services, said Redknee.

The solution allows operators to manage payments made from prepaid, postpaid and hybrid accounts and offer transparency in charging and new customer care and self-care options, according to the vendor.  Vipnet Croatia aims to use the solution to offer services such as tiered pricing plans, personalised promotions and real-time notifications.

Last week, parent group Telekom Austria’s CEO Hannes Ametsreiter told about the importance the firm places on convergence and multiplay services.

“We were the first in the world to clearly declare that we believe convergence is the future,” he said. “We believe convergence means all-IP and that is happening, we are using fixed and mobile technologies to generate better products for the customer. Some 60 per cent of our customers are saying they want everything from one provider so we believe it is necessary to be a full communication provider, offering mobile, broadband, TV and content. This is why we acquired the biggest cable operator in Croatia and two fiber companies in Bulgaria, this is the way forward.”

He also stressed the importance of bundled offerings as a retention tool among the group’s customer base, noting that it has seen an 80 per cent reduction in churn among customers that have taken Telekom Austria’s multi-play bundles.

“You need to work on your penetration of bundles,” he said. “This is the magic ingredient and the development we have seen is stunning. It gives us the opportunity to significantly increase average revenue per line or per user, it significantly reduces churn; it has a very positive effect on the business.”

Ametsreiter also suggested that operators that do not offer multi-play services will be left behind.

“Life will become more difficult for pure mobile players. You need to think about what your proposition for the future will be and if you don’t have any clear plan then I think you will miss out.”

In July last year, Vipnet Croatia acquired three regional cable network providers; OKI, Kabelska televizija Šibenik (KTS) and the residential customer segment of Metronet, which was spun off from the rest of the company.

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