RIM gets Cellmania

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has acquired mobile software firm Cellmania, which builds app store infrastructure and developer tools for app distribution.

Neither RIM nor Cellmania has disclosed details of the transaction, but it looks like the software firm’s expertise could be used to help boost RIM’s presence in the app store space.

Cellmania has a complete turnkey white label content system with content management, digital rights management, and over-the-air delivery for browseable media which works for Android, Java, Symbian, and Microsoft devices. The company also handles the billing and provides real-time download reports.

RIM launched BlackBerry App World in April 2009 seeking to reach over 20 million BlackBerry users worldwide.

The storefront allows developers to set their own prices for applications, with RIM creaming off 20 per cent of the fee. The vendor is also working with carriers to provide customised, on device application centres to help foster after market application downloads. This platform will expand on RIM’s existing on device distribution system for individual software applications, such as Facebook and could be where Cellmania’s expertise comes into play.

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  1. Avatar CarolineB 26/08/2010 @ 8:02 am

    One might comment – better late than never. RIM needed to do something to compete with the Android, Symbian and, of course, iPhone handset and app developers; it is missing out on a huge potential source of cash AND losing ground to other smarter phones.

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