Almost half of UK mobile users don’t understand what mobile broadband can offer them. Moreover, better customer service would encourage mobile users to spend more.

These are some of the findings from a survey released today by Convergys, a billing and OSS provider.

“The findings are not exactly new,” says Mark Hennessy, director of products and solutions at Convergys, “but show that operators still need to do a lot more to improve customer service. It’s a problem that hasn’t gone away and operators could lose out on mobile broadband revenue as a consequence.”

Convergys’ 2008 UK customer scorecard research, based on a YouGov poll of 2,143 adults during February 2009, shows that customers are most open to advice and offers when adding or changing services.  When focused on getting support, customers want to be treated well by knowledgeable employees who can address their needs on first contact. 

“Service personalisation is not high on people’s agenda but problem resolution is,” says Hennessy.

The survey found that nearly one in five mobile users (17 per cent) would pay a premium for excellent, responsive customer service.  Meanwhile, only five per cent said they would opt for a package with the lowest cost and worst service.  The Convergys research shows that UK customers rate the quality of customer service and the quality of the product / service being offered as more critical than price or brand.

“These data show that customer service can drive operators’ revenues from mobile content.  What’s more, consumers are actually ready and willing to open their wallets,” adds Jean-Herve Jenn, president, international, for Convergys.  “The key lies in giving customers advice and offers which are tailored to their interests.  The good news is that operators already possess the data needed to turn content into cash – and an outsourcing partner focused on customer service can do the rest.”