Astellia acquires Ingenia Telecom

Network intelligence firm Astellia has acquired Ingenia Telecom, a mobile network monitoring and analysis firm, for an undisclosed sum.

The move will allow Astellia to reinforce its offering with a probeless tool for RAN and SON analysis of the network from a customer´s perspective, using real subscriber data.

Multiple drivers are pushing mobile operators to introduce SON in their networks, from OPEX savings to customer experience enhancements and Ingenia has developed an advanced SON solution for real-time analysis of self optimisation and self organisation networks which can be sold in addition to or independently of Astellia’s own SON monitoring solution.

Ingenia will bring 70 people, mainly in R&D, to Astellia. The company generates revenues of just under ten per cent of Astellia’s revenues and operates close to breakeven.

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