WiMAX 2 shows off 330Mbps bandwidth in Japan

Japanese mobile WiMAX player UQ Communications and vendor Samsung have published the results of a trial WiMAX 2 802.16m system, which achieved network speeds of 330Mbps.

UQ showed off full HD 3D video running over Samsung’s commercially available Mobile WiMAX kit, although WiMAX 2, based on IEEE 802.16m standards, is not expected to be finalised until November of this year. Samsung plans to introduce its first commercial solutions based on WiMAX 2 at the end of 2011.

The Korean vendor claims that the WiMAX 2 standard enables more efficient, faster, and more converged data communications supported by strong integration compatibility with existing Mobile WiMAX solutions.

Akio Nozaka, president of UQ Communications, said: “It is expected that the demands for wireless broadband will exponentially grow. In this regard, the recognition of real worth of Mobile WiMAX, a true 4G technology, will increase not only in Japan but also around the world.”

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  1. Avatar Bongs 06/10/2010 @ 8:21 am

    On what spectrum bandwidth. The report says nothing, useless.

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