“Carriers need better content delivery networks,” says ZTE

Much of the talk at Broadband World forum in Paris last week was on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), as carriers realise they don’t have the required infrastructure to deliver the video services and user experience rapidly replacing basic web pages in the pipes.

In order to accommodate, Chinese infrastructure vendor ZTE has introduced its own CDN, alongside FTTx (Fibre to the home/kerb/cabinet) equipment and a smart home platform.

The Uni-FAN broadband acceleration platform helps operators provide services of different QoS and security levels, across GPON/EPON/XG PON1/WDM PON/Hybrid PON and hybrid access.

This latest product is targeted at Europe, as ZTE has already launched a version for Asia Pacific where the network regulations are more relaxed.

“Operators need a better content delivery network and Uni-FAN puts intelligence in the network and helps operators reduce churn as well as the TCO,” said Lin Cheng, president of ZTE’s Western Europe region.

“Operators in Europe are not investing in FTTH and Europe is falling behind in broadband rollout. Moreover there is also a gap between the rural areas and big cities,” said Lin. “It’s a regulatory and a government issue. Why is there no investment in Europe yet China, Japan, Korea and the US all have broadband? It might be that consumers could start migrating in search of decent broadband,” he said.


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