Tunisiana partners with Google to improve customer engagement

Tunisian telco Tunisiana announced Wednesday that it is partnering with search giant Google to bolster its digital services strategy and increase customer engagement by offering more cloud services to mobile users.

As part of the partnership, Tunisiana, a subsidiary of Qatar’s Ooredoo Group, will receive support from Google on how to improve customer services by using services like Google Hangouts and YouTube to increase customer touchpoints.

“Through this partnership, we are strengthening our relationship with customers,” said Taieb Farhat, Commercial Director of Tunisiana.

“It will now be possible to enjoy more enhanced services such as Google+, YouTube or Google AdWords that allow users easier access to information.”

Mohamad Mourad, regional director for Google in the Middle East and North Africa, said the agreement will provide users with the improved services using its cloud-based services.

“Tunisiana will also be able to respond to its customers and be closer on the web with presence on Google Maps or Google Hangouts that allows making video chats,” he said.

The move could also open the door to more cloud services adoption in a market some analysts claim to be growing about 13 per cent annually. According to analysts at IDC increased availability of low-latency bandwidth is driving increased usage of cloud services among the region’s SMB sector.

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