Appitalism joins app store fray

Another app store has entered the fray, pushing community reviews of content which caters to smartphones, tablets, PCs and ereaders. has made its debut with a catalogue of more than five million apps, songs, books, games and videos.

Independent of any device or platform affiliations, Appitalism claims to offer an unbiased and personalised experience for members based on their interests and on feedback from the wider community.

A chat feature allows members to discuss, rate and review all of the content on the site and collectively determine the best apps and content with community recommendations being a big part of the offering. Active members are rewarded with App Rewards for their contributions to the community, which can be redeemed for any items in the Appitalism content catalogue.

“Appitalism is an open marketplace, combining a large variety of content with the ability for consumers to discuss, review and rate that content,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism. “Our store is programmed by members for members and powered by conversations, not algorithms.”


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