MEPs call for universal device charger

European lawmakers have called for a common charger to be used for all mobile handsets sold in the EU. MEPs said that such that introducing a universal charger would reduce waste, cost and hassle for users. A draft outlining the legislation has been informally agreed with the EU’s Council of Ministers.

The draft directive outlines harmonised rules for bringing radio equipment to the market which the EU said covers mobile handsets, car door openers and modems. It also aims to prevent interference between different radio equipment devices.

“I am especially pleased that we agreed on the introduction of a common charger,” said rapporteur Barbara Weiler.

“This serves the interests both of consumers and the environment. It will put an end to charger clutter and 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste annually.”

The Ministers have amended the draft law to stipulate that the ability to work with common chargers will be an essential requirement for radio equipment. However, the EC will decide which specific types of radio equipment will have to meet this requirement.

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