Orange investigating staff suicides

French operator group Orange has reacted to concerns voiced by a union-led independent monitoring group that nine of its employees committed suicide from January 15th 2014 to February 25th 2014.

The Observatoire du Stress et des Mobilités Forcées suggested this was as many suicides as the operator’s staff committed during the whole of 2013 and claimed that at least seven of the suicides were work-related.

The organisation has sought to find an explanation for the suicides and has called for two national bodies—the CNSHSCT (National Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee) and the CNPS (National Committee for the Prevention of Stress)—to meet with senior Orange officials to explain this trend, its causes and the emergency measures that the operator intends to implement as a result.

In a statement to, Orange confirmed that several employee suicides have occurred in France this year.

“Each of these acts is singular in nature and involves very specific contexts,” the operator group said. “However, they remind us to maintain our vigilance and to constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of prevention mechanisms and activities that have been in place for several years at the group.”

The group added that President of its National Mission for Support and Mediation Jean-François Colin will meet with staff representatives of the CNSHSCT this Friday, 21st March 2014, to discuss prevention activities in place and current risks within the company in France.

“This will, if necessary, enable us to reinforce or supplement our existing efforts. The management at Orange is fully committed to our prevention activities and in finding all avenues to improve the quality of working life for our employees.”

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