Microsoft improves developer services for WP7

Microsoft has revealed a number of improvements to its developer relationship for Windows Phone 7, the platform that marks its latest assault on the smartphone market. The firm said that the first payments to developers would be made a little ahead of schedule, and it is now able to offer feedback to developers on the performance of their apps within the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The announcements were made in a post on the Windows Phone developer blog from Todd Brix, a senior director of product management on the project.

There are nearly 4,000 apps in the Marketplace now, Brix revealed, from more than 18,000 registered developers. The first payments for Apps sold since the launch of WP7 in October are expected to be made in the fourth week of January, he said, after which developers whose apps have crossed minimum payout thresholds will be remunerated monthly.

Developers looking to find out if there is money coming their way can now access data on the performance of their products within the Marketplace, both in terms of volume downloads and revenue generated. The reports can be filtered by date, country and application, Brix wrote.

He made reference to a number of complaints from developers over Microsoft’s cumbersome registration process and promised that improvements had been made. He said that 91 per cent of applications submitted in the last month had been certified and published within two days of submission and that 86 per cent of new developers that register in the App Hub have had their accounts vetted and validated within ten days. Brix said that more than 1,000 developers are registering each week.

Improvements have also been made to the Microsoft Advertising SDK for WP7, he said. The full post is here.

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