Belgacom launches consumer cloud service

nec-cloudBelgian incumbent operator Belgacom has launched a cloud storage service for its domestic fixed internet customers, offering 10GB of storage for free, 30GB for a monthly fee of €2.95 and 200GB for €9.95/month. The Belgacom Cloud service will also enable users to access stored files across the operator’s pay TV system, Belgacom TV.

The launch follows a trial involving 4,500 customers and provides access from a range of platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The operator said that subscribers that already use cloud services from the likes of Dropbox, Picasa or Facebook will be able to integrate those services into their Belgacom Cloud application.

Last week the Cloud Team Alliance, a group co-founded by Belgacom and French cloud computing specialist Numergy to target the enterprise market, announced that two other European incumbents, Portugal Telecom and KPN, were taking membership.

Belgacom described the alliance as “a real European alternative to the offers of American and Asian players.”

The 2014 Telco Cloud World Forum will take place at the Westin Grand in Munich, April 28 – 30 

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