Orange intros broadband only package

Orange set out to target fixed line broadband users on Friday with the launch of its Broadband Unlimited package. reckons the blurb is a little misleading as it proposes “unlimited wireless broadband” but as far as we can tell, what you get is an up to 8Mbps ADSL connection and a Livebox wireless router. Technically, you do not get unlimited downloads either as a “fair usage policy applies”, although an Orange spokeswoman confirmed that a hefty 35GB per month is considered fair usage.

For the £19.99 per month subscription price, customers also get unlimited calls to UK landlines and 100 international destinations at any time.

The move follows Orange’s first foray into the ‘free’ broadband space in May when it launched an offer giving customers who sign up for any Orange mobile contract over £30 per month, for a period of 18 months, up to 8Mbps fixed broadband and a wifi-enabled Livebox at no extra charge.

Interestingly, Orange includes a comparison chart in its release on the Broadband Unlimited package which seems to show that the ‘free’ broadband offering with a monthly contract has now been crippled to 2Mbps but only requires customers to sign up for 12 months.


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