Microsoft licenses Android to Motorola; Nokia deal to close

Microsoft agreed a patent licensing agreement with Motorola Solutions on Monday that will see the latter gain access to Microsoft’s Android and Chrome OS patent portfolio.

For enterprise and government product specialist, Motorola Solutions, the licence provides worldwide coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for devices running the Android platform and Chrome OS operating system.

“Microsoft and Motorola Solutions share a respect for intellectual property and a commitment to fair and reasonable patent licensing programs,” said Nick Psyhogeos, general manager, associate general counsel, IP licensing of the Innovation and Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft. “Microsoft prefers licensing to litigation, since licensing is a more effective way to share technology and accelerate the pace of innovation.”

In related news, Microsoft has also completed the steps necessary to finalise its acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services business. The transaction will be completed on Friday, April 25.

There’s some confusion as to what will happen to the Nokia brand however. A leaked memo sent out to suppliers indicates that upon the close of the transaction the name of Nokia Corporation will change to Microsoft Mobile. Microsoft will also be taking over the Here navigation brand and the Lumia and Asha device brands.

Microsoft said it will manage the domain and social media sites for the benefit of both companies and customers for up to a year but has given no indication what happens after that.

In other adjustments to the deal, all employees in Nokia’s Chief Technology Office are still continuing with Nokia but the offer has now been extended to the 21 employees in China working on mobile phones.

The original deal had Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s Korean manufacturing facility but the agreement has now been adjusted and Microsoft will not acquire the facility.


  1. Avatar JJ 24/04/2014 @ 4:06 pm

    ” Microsoft’s Android and Chrome OS patent portfolio”
    Surely you mean Google or this is just badly wriiten. It implies than MS own Android & Chrome OS. If the article implies that MS is licencing some of its patents to Motorola for use in Android and Chrome then say so otherwise the piece comes across as nonsense.

    • Avatar James Middleton 24/04/2014 @ 4:46 pm

      Hi JJ. Microsoft does indeed own a portfolio of patents that are licensed for use in the Android and Chrome OS software platforms. Motorola is now licensed to use those patents and therefore the platforms mentioned in its products.

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