SMBs demand cloud services from comms providers

Almost 70 per cent of SMBs worldwide are more likely to select a primary communications service provider that offers cloud-based services over one that does not. Furthermore, 44 per cent of SMBs would switch providers to one that bundled cloud services with traditional services, according to research released this week.

Coleman Parkes Research surveyed 1,311 SMB decision makers from North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific on behalf of Amdocs. The company found that with the growing adoption of cloud services among SMBs, the vast majority (80 per cent) prefer to receive one bill for all the communication services they consume.

To this end, a total of 74 per cent of SMBs want cloud-based services from their primary provider but only 45 per cent actually are receiving them, highlighting significant revenue growth opportunities.

That said, 32 per cent of respondents did not ask for information about cloud-based offerings from their primary service provider and 31 per cent do not believe their primary service provider even offers cloud-based services. In fact, 41 per cent believe they can get better deals from independent cloud vendors elsewhere.

According to Ian Parkes, managing director at Coleman Parkes Research, the survey revealed an appetite for cloud-based services and a big revenue opportunity for service providers who choose to capitalise on this.

“Those who become a one-stop-shop for all SMB communication needs, focusing on what SMBs consider essential such as bundles with cloud-based and traditional services, as well as a unified bill, will be most successful,” he said.

A total of 57 per cent of respondents stated that their companies already take advantage of cloud-based services and 44 per cent of those not yet using them are actively considering it. The most consumed services were for storage and backup (72 per cent), followed by computer networks (48 per cent) and office software (41 per cent).


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