Appitalism opens door for iOS app purchases

Disruptive app store, Appitalism, has demonstrated how Apple iPhone and iOS content can be purchased from alternative marketplaces, expanding consumer choice.

A new feature has appeared on the Appitalism site, App Concierge, which allows users to browse and pay for content in the iTunes App Store without leaving the Appitalism store. Behind the scenes Appitalism is just automating the purchasing process while keeping the eyeballs. Once the purchase is complete, the consumer simply receives an SMS text message with a direct installation link for that app on their Apple device.

According to Simon Buckingham, CEO of Mobile Streams and Appitalism, App Concierge was designed to work with the existing apps ecosystem. Both Apple and all of the app developers who work with iTunes and the App Store continue to receive the same economic terms as they always have and developers are paid in exactly the same way — through Apple. Appitalism simply automates a consumer’s purchase for them rather than requiring them to have to go to iTunes and the App Store in order to buy an app, benefiting both Apple and its ecosystem partners.

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But wonders is Apple will see it this way. Moreover, App Concierge has been designed as a stand-alone product for licensing to other third parties such as mobile network operators who distribute Apple devices and want their customers use their content portals and billing relationships for iOS apps.

“For the apps market to reach its full mass-market growth potential, consumers need to be able to quickly and easily see, find, buy and get apps for any of their devices centrally from one place,” Buckingham said.


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