DoCoMo to launch VoLTE in July

DoCoMoJapanese incumbent operator NTT DoCoMo has announced plans to launch Voice over LTE services following a planned software update scheduled for late June or early July. DoCoMo said that users will be able to access LTE data throughputs of 150Mbps during voice calls as well as the firm’s disaster information notifications.

The operator’s existing LTE billing plans—for its Xi-branded high speed data service—will apply to VoLTE voice calls, while packet communication charges for VoLTE video calls will be waived until September 2015, DoCoMo said. After that video calls will attract both packet and voice charges.

DoCoMo also announced a corporate reorganisation involving the creation of a number of new units, as illustrated in the table below. “The new units will strengthen and accelerate the creation of services that will enable customers to enjoy smarter living through innovative mobile solutions,” DoCoMo said.

Unit Function(s)
R&D Innovation Division
  • Technology innovation, network and mobile device development and implementation, and service innovation
R&D Strategy Department
  • Plan and manage company-wide R&D strategies, technology innovation and global technology alliances
Service Innovation Department
  • Create new services via technology innovation, big data analysis and technical support
Service Design Department
  • Develop, maintain and provide technical support for smartphone applications and server systems for new services that enable smarter living.
  • Develop, deploy, operate and maintain server systems for i-modeTM, sp-modeTM, etc.
Frontline Support Department
  • Plan and manage support for frontline assistance to customers
  • Plan systems and processes for mobile phone, etc., subscriptions
Billing Service Department
  • Plan systems and processes for billing services
Source: NTT DoCoMo

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