Rok to launch LTE music MVNO in US

Specialist mobile entertainment and streaming music firm Rok Mobile has unveiled plans to launch an LTE MVNO in the US in June bolstered by 20 million on demand audio tracks.

Launching over the coming weeks, Rok said it would provide a nationwide LTE network strengthened by an ‘Always Best Connected’ user experience that enables customers to consume data-intensive services over wifi or cellular connections automatically, depending on which is most suitable at the time.

To deliver the offering, the company has tapped up Californian startup Devicescape, which curates and automates amenity wifi networks into an international virtual carrier wifi network comprised of more than 20 million hotspots pulled from more than 315 million global access points that are continuously tested for quality of experience. The Devicescape Service Platform proactively monitors available connections and makes decisions about which network – mobile or wifi – would foster the best possible user experience.

Devicescape projects its Curated Virtual Network (CVN) will grow to 100 million high-quality hotspots by the end of 2017.

“This announcement is a win for today’s music-loving mobile consumers,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. “By allowing their users to consume as much music as they like – and enabling that over the best wireless connection possible – ROK Mobile is debuting a radical new business model.”

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