Google acquires mobile music synch platform PushLife

Rumours that Google is planning to launch an iTunes rival optimised for Android will no doubt be further fuelled by its acquisition of Canadian start-up PushLife. Founded by former Research in Motion employee, Ray Reddy, in 2008, PushLife offers software that allows users to synch non-Apple devices with the iTunes platform.

The software also allows operators to synch subscribers’ music services with music services offered by mobile operators. Existing agreements are in place with Virgin Mobile in both Canada and the UK, although it is not clear what impact Google’s acquisition of the company will have on these arrangements.

PushLife is a multi-platform offering that supports popular devices including Blackberry, Android, Nokia and Samsung. Enabled devices are connected to desktop PCs in much the same way as any Apple device, allowing for automatic synchronisation between Windows Media Player and iTunes. Google is reported to have paid $25m for the company. A statement on PushLife’s web site said that “while we will be eventually discontinuing the PushLife service, we look forward to more adventures at Google.”

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