Orange Business Services lands in Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix’s global cloud exchange saw the addition of Orange Business Services this week, the latest cloud service provider to tip its hat and join the datacentre operator’s growing cloud interconnection service.

Orange Business Services, which tends to aim its cloud services primarily at large multinationals, said it plans to offer Business VPN Galerie, its managed cloud-based network solution, to enterprises in select Equinix International Business Exchanges (IBX) datacentres in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific via the Exchange – a cloud interconnection service.

Didier Duriez, senior vice president global solutions and services at Orange Business Services said the move will extend the reach of the company’s cloud services in key geographies.

“By connecting Business VPN Galerie with Equinix’s Cloud Exchange, we are expanding our award-winning service to cover additional datacentres and hosted application providers,” Duriez said.

“This gives our customers the ability to choose from the best combination of cloud infrastructure, platform and software service providers to ensure they can put the best possible hybrid cloud solution in place to meet their individual business needs,” he added.

Ihab Tarazi, chief technology officer of Equinix reiterated Duriez’s view that the addition of OBS will help bolster the amount of choice customers have when it comes to the variety of cloud platforms they can choose from, adding that the the use of private links to connect users to OBS’s cloud applications will help reassure them from a security perspective.

At the moment the Equinix Cloud Exchange is available in 13 markets globally – Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., New York, Toronto, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris. Equinix, which opened up its newest datacentre in Osaka last year, plans to expand the Exchanges to 19 markets by the end of 2014.

OBS is the latest cloud service provider to join Equinix’s Cloud Exchange. Over the past couple of months cloud providers GoGrid and Level 3 joined up to the growing global cloud interconnection service.

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