China Unicom invests HK$3bn to build Hong Kong datacentre

China Unicom announced its intention to build it largest datacentre outside mainland China Thursday, which will host the company’s growing portfolio of cloud-based services. The telco said it plans to invest HK$3bn (£240m) in the new facility.

“Due to China Unicom’s extensive network resources at home and abroad, strong cross-border network connectivity and IDC support from mainland China, coupled with the robust ICT infrastructure of Hong Kong and a talented team with valuable operational management experience and a global vision, the global centre will boost China Unicom’s competitiveness on the global stage,” said Mr. Lu Yimin, executive director and president of China Unicom.

“China Unicom (Hong Kong) Global Center, as the ICT gateway to the world, will certainly write a brand new page in the company’s international business development,” he added.

The company said the datacentre, which is expected to be completed by the first half of 2016 with a total built area of 41,000m2 and house over 3,000 racks, will create over 200 jobs for telecommunications and IT professionals, and strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a competitive data hub in Asia – where the market for cloud based services is growing rapidly; Singapore is currently one such hub in the region.

According to China Unicom demand for cloud-based services is growing at a rate of 29 per cent annually in the Asia Pacific region, making it one of the fastest growing markets for cloud computing in the world.

The move is part of China Unicom’s broader strategy to bolster its enterprise services business. Six months ago China Unicom along with China Telecom announced the companies were pouring billions of dollars in building cloud computing datacentres and innovation parks in China’s Guizhou Province.

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