3 UK offloads network traffic onto wifi

The UK’s smallest and most disruptive mobile operator, 3 UK, is embracing voice over wifi in an apparent effort to offload traffic from it’s cellular network. The company is launching an app, Three inTouch, which will allow customers to talk and text using a wifi connection.

Three inTouch users can make and receive calls and text messages when they connect to wifi using the free app, but the minutes and texts are still deducted from their existing monthly allowance or prepaid credit.

The service is seamless and uses the customers’ usual Three phone number and will be available to all customers from early August on contract, SIM and Pay As You Go packages.

Three claims inTouch will particularly improve the experience in places where there is typically no mobile signal, although the app could certainly see 3’s traffic carried over other operators’ networks.

Last week, EE, which was the first player in the market to launch LTE, announced a £275m investment in its voice offering, including plans to deliver voice over wifi in domestic and enterprise environments and a bid to beef up voice quality in the busiest parts of its network.

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