ZTE sets out its own 5G stall

Fifth generation cellular standards have yet to be defined but that hasn’t stopped vendors coming out with their own early interpretations on the technology. This week Chinese infrastructure firm ZTE released details of a 5G access network architecture based on dynamic mesh networking.

Putting forward its own definition for consideration, ZTE believes that 5G RAN (radio access network) technology should be a dynamic mesh network based on IP backhaul. In 5G networks there could be many types of base station including UDN (user densification network), massive MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output), traditional macro, and D2D. But these various base stations will coordinate with each other horizontally more often than they do in 4G networks, and so will require a dynamic and adaptive wireless mesh network.

ZTE claims its approach to the improvement of 5G network architecture will make it possible for networks to implement SDMA (space-division multiple access). Since 2009, ZTE has researched SDA (software defined air-interface) technology, and in 2013 debuted its 5G SDA technology. Again it is unusual for a vendor to have such a clear idea of what constitutes 5G at this stage.

“ZTE’s 5G SDA solution allows self-adaptation of the air interfaces,so that in the same network, a network element can supporting a variety of services, and the SDA can allow multiple wireless access technologies for optimal adaptation, maximising air interfaces efficiency,” ZTE’s Xiang Jiying said. “At present, SDA technology is a key research area for 5G.”

The company claims that as a major member of the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group in China, ZTE leads over 30 per cent of the current 5G research, such as IEEE-oriented 5G technologies, 5G network architectures, and breakthrough technologies for the physical layer of 5G networks.

For a wider view on 5G and how vendors see it evolving, read our feature here.

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