Big talk from JaJah

Internet call firm Jajah, has launched its Mobile Suite which allows users to make low-cost international calls from their mobiles.

The firm, noted for launching a free web-activated telephony service allowing users to make free landline calls via its website , has launched Mobile Suite as a plug-in – available for download – or via SMS.

Once downloaded onto a compatible device Jajah reckons users can save up to 91 per cent “on a standard mobile contract with Vodafone”. Lower rates – or higher savings – can be made if both the caller and the receiver are both Jajah members.

In its marketing material JaJah says its application “has the potential to reduce mobile phone bills in Britain by 86 per cent”.

Alex Zadvorny, senior analyst at Analysys believes that while JaJah’s figures may offer huge savings, he does not expect the service, or others like it, to have a significant impact on the telecoms sector. “If any system is more complicated than making a normal call, it will have limited success,” he says. “No doubt there will be many users who will use this system, or other similar ones but the mass market is probably quite happy to carry on using traditional means.”

JaJah’s calculations may offer users a tantalising proposition but the firm is not alone in directing calls over the internet for next-to-nothing. Apart from the pure VoIP players like Skype and Vonage, several other web-telephony services are appearing, each promising huge savings on telephone calls, including Fusion Telecommunications’ Efolink and Voxalot.


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