Mavenir platform to simplify Voice over LTE deployments

Mavenir Systems, a provider of mobile infrastructure, has announced the availability of the VoLTE Edition of its mOne Convergence Platform, a tool designed to provide operators with options for deploying voice and messaging services over LTE.

The company said that the platform will smooth the various deployment challenges of Voice over LTE, such as MSC upgrades and the provision of service parity. This is regardless of whether the operators plan to use the Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB) standard or choose to migrate straight to the LTE’s Multimedia Telephony (MMTEL) service.

“Mavenir’s approach minimises the cost, complexity and time to market for LTE services, expands LTE operators’ revenue opportunities and enhances their competitive position,” said Pardeep Kohli, president and chief executive officer of Mavenir Systems, in a statement. “Mavenir’s solution gives LTE operators the best of both worlds: the ability to capture the market for broadband data services, while catering to users who value voice and SMS.”

Mavenir will be speaking next week at an LTE Masterclass on day two of the LTE World Summit at the RAI Amsterdam between 17-18th May 2011.

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