BT pay phones now 40p a call

Nowadays they are iconic, a symbol of a time passed and used only in emergencies – such as when the batteries on your mobile run out. Yes the humble British phone box, the distinctive landmark that has, sadly, become a rarity in the UK, just got more expensive to use.

Starting November, making a call from a BT pay phone (these include the ugly silvery things on most high streets) will cost a minimum of 40p, BT announced today.

The hike is an effort, BT said, to help maintain the pay phone network: Only 23,000 of BT’s 63,500 pay phones are profitable. Currently users pay 30p for a 15 minute call to a landline. Customers will get 20 minutes for their 40p.

Mobiles sounded the death knell for the stately boxes which have seen their usage plummet by 47 per cent since 2000.


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