Alcatel-Lucent to deploy 100Gbps optical network for Telefónica

To cope with increasing demand for video and high definition video storage, Spanish carrier Telefónica has contracted Alcatel-Lucent to deploy a 100Gbps optical network throughout the north-west, eastern and southern regions of Spain.

The network will start off with 8.8Tbps capacity but is capable of growing to a whopping 24Tbps in the future, meaning that it will be able to transport the projected enormous demands for mass video services.

Roque Lozano, President of Alcatel-Lucent Spain, said: “Video is becoming an increasing focus for Telefónica in Spain. That means capacity and reliability are critical elements for its nationwide infrastructure. With future video services and mass high-definition video storage in the cloud, Telefónica needed the most reliable and flexible technology available today.”

Alcatel-Lucent’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) platform will be the key element of the network, which will incorporate DWDM technology with integrated OTN switching and aggregation and the and 1350 Optical Management System (OMS) to support increasing traffic created by video and cloud applications.

Auto-restoration features based on a GMPLS control plane will be deployed in every regional domain to boost reliability and the quality of experience for customers.

Telefónica said it is improving its regional networks to meet rapidly growing consumer and business demand for high-speed, ultra-broadband internet connectivity. This demand is being fuelled by the increasing adoption of LTE wireless services in Spain, along with the use of cloud services and growth of video-based data traffic.

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