Apple releases first iPhone update

One month after launch, Apple has wheeled out its first update for the iPhone, primarily designed to rectify a number of security bugs in the Safari web browser.

During the first month of launch, the iPhone has been dogged by security concerns after it emerged that there were a number of ways an iPhone could be taken over via a maliciously crafted web page.

As of Tuesday, an option to install the 1.0.1 update appears when the device is next synced with iTunes in much the same way as it does with the iPod.

Some users have also reported that the update appears to have made some modifications under the surface. Apparently, iPhone owners can expect their device to run faster with no crashing after updating.

However, it doesn’t appear to be all smooth running for users with hacked or modded devices. Apparently the update does not play so nicely with hacked iPhones, but reports are coming in that going through the whole hacking process again works.

While we’re on the subject of the Safari browser, discovered today that the majority of widgets designed for the iPhone work just fine on the Nokia N95, with no modifications.

This is because the core of the browser for Symbian’s S60 3rd edition operating system is much the same as Safari. This means you can get cool iPhone apps on the N95 adding a big bunch of kudos to the device.

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