Enterprise Mobility Security – Securing the SME Revenue Stream


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Mobile operators are uniquely placed to act as a trusted broker between enterprises who need to protect their increasingly mobile workforces, and employees who are conscious of the perceived privacy exposure of current BYOD products and policies.

With the SME market representing 50% of an Operator’s enterprise customer base by number of employees – there is a real opportunity for Operators to monetise this untapped market leveraging their position of trusted 3rd party in a market that is struggling to offer meaningful security at a time when privacy is paramount and mobile security threats are increasing on a daily basis.

Please join Richard Absalom, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility at Ovum who will share the findings of the latest employee mobility survey conducted by Ovum and Ciaran Bradley, Chief Product Officer, AdaptiveMobile who will showcase how a hosted security solution, targeted for the SME enterprise market can generate significant new revenues for an Operator.

In this webinar you will hear:

  • Highlights from Ovum’s 2014 Employee mobility Survey
  • Employee’s top concerns when using a smart mobile device for work and personal use
  • How the underserved, but significant, SME market can be addressed by a comprehensive Security-as-a-Service offering that is easy to use and roll out
  • Go to market strategies and supporting business case
  • How AdaptiveMobile can enable Operators to monetise this opportunity

Click here to view this webinar on-demand


Webinar Speakers:

Ciaran Bradley
Chief Product Officer
Richard Absalom
Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility and Productivity
Tim Skinner
Intelligence Content Manager