Oracle launches new products targeted at CSPs

Oracle’s Communications division has announced a new release of applications aimed at Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The launches, announced at the annual Oracle OpenWorld event, include a new edition of the software giant’s Operations Support Systems (OSS) application family.

Oracle claims the expanded set of OSS applications accelerate service delivery by helping CSPs design, launch, and deliver services such as LTE, IPTV, VoIP, data and cloud/IT services in a more time and cost efficient manner. The applications are also designed to assist companies in both building and managing changes in physical and nascent virtual networks.

“This latest release of Oracle Communications OSS applications is further evidence of our track record in delivering integrated, product-based solutions,” said Bhaskar Gorti, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications. “This provides our customers the confidence that Oracle will continue to address their current and future OSS requirements with contemporary, market-leading solutions as they evolve and transform their business.”

Oracle also announced a Policy and Charging Analytics (PCA) solution, which it said enables CSPs to monitor and understand the impact of policies and charging on network and subscriber usage, new offer launches and customer retention. Oracle said the app, which generates data through reports and dashboards, will provide insight that can be used by CSPs for the design of new marketing campaigns and service offerings.

“A policy and charging analytics system gives communications service providers the necessary tools to improve major business decisions while also ensuring that their customers’ quality of experience is constantly at the forefront of their actions,” Ari Banerjee, Principal Analyst, Service Provider IT, Heavy Reading, said. “Oracle Communications Policy and Charging Analytics system is a good example of such a solution.”

Also announced at the event was the new Oracle Acme Packet 1100 enterprise session border controller (E-SBC) appliance, specifically designed to support midsized companies’ unified communication processes. Oracle claims the appliance secures IP networks, addresses interoperability challenges and optimises voice, video and multimedia communications.

“Many smaller enterprises and branch offices of larger businesses require the same SIP trunking and session border controller capabilities as larger organizations, but do not have the manpower or budget needed to run these large-scale platforms,” Gorti said. “Oracle has introduced Acme Packet 1100 to address the unique capacity and pricing requirements of smaller organizations, with the same connectivity, security, and control offered on larger platforms.”

Oracle has moved deeper into the telecoms space through its acquisitions of Acme Packet (for $2.1 billion), and mobile broadband solutions company Tekelec (for an undisclosed sum) in 2013. The company has also expanded its communications solutions portfolio in the last few years, making it a notable player targeting CSPs.

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