Technicolor adds home control & security features to MediaTouch tablet

Video and entertainment firm Technicolor has launched a Home Control and Security edition of its MediaTouch tablet, developed in partnership with US firm iControl Networks, a specialist in broadband home management solutions.

The partnership combines Technicolor’s touch screen tablet with the iControl OpenHome Software platform to deliver integrated home management, control, security and energy management solutions for multiple system operator (MSO) and service provider customers.

The MediaTouch Home Control and Security Tablet is designed as an all-in-one security-enabled tablet, with a powerful chipset, more RAM than the standard model, and a range of features including ZigBee connectivity to security sensors, thermostats, lighting controls, door locks and more from the iControl broadband home management ecosystem; back-up EDGE connectivity; Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity to video cameras around the home; and an open application framework.

However, whilst these features are in addition to the standard MediaTouch features of a built-in microphone and camera, seven-inch touch screen and VoIP telephony capability, it is noteworthy that iControl Networks also offers versions of its OpenHome Software platform for Android and iOS tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPad 2 – which are far more likely to already be in end-users’ homes, saving operators a significant expenditure.

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