Pipex intros new private DSL network

UK ISP, Pipex this week announced the launch of its Secure Private Network product, which it claims is a more secure replacement for VPN tunnels connecting remote offices with corporate LANs.

The firm says the product extends the security perimeter, making security services inherent in the network, in order to defeat ‘morphed’ threats.

Essentially, the company proposes to carry its customers’ traffic over its own IP or MPLS backbone network between either their remote premises – for Pipex customers – or BT exchanges – for other ISP’s customers – to their head office.

A Layered Security Architecture (LSA) should provide security on the end-point, with features such as intrusion detection, URL and IP filtering, and firewalls.

Angus Peacey, Channel Director at Pipex Network Services, told “Everyone’s been securing the perimeter, then using the public infrastructure to create VPNs but the threats have changed.” He added: “This is a totally separate DSL network.”

Pipex hopes to market the product to smaller businesses that in the past could not have afforded such features.


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