VMware and Jasper collaborate to boost IoT for enterprise

VMware and Jasper have announced a collaborative effort to bring widespread adoption of internet of things (IoT) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) technologies to enterprise customers. The joint effort, announced at Cisco’s IoT World Forum, is intended to enable the deployment, monitoring, management and security of connected enterprise devices across IoT platforms.

High profile acquisitions, such as Google’s multi-billion dollar purchase of Nest , and industry collaborations have raised the profile of IoT in the industry. Orange recently announced its latest consumer-focused IoT services offerings at its “hello” show in Paris, adding to the technology’s increasing momentum.

Schneider Electric views the VMware and Jasper partnership as a significant step in the progression of EMM and the development of IoT on an enterprise level.

“As a customer of both Jasper and AirWatch, this bridging of technologies will provide real-time, practical management capabilities for Schneider Electric’s investments in the Internet of Things,” said Arindam Sen, senior vice president of employee experience domain at Schneider Electric. “Our goal at Schneider Electric is to be a global, innovative and responsible company, and this partnership will help further drive our initiatives with connected devices.”

Airwatch, a subsidiary of VMware, provides mobility services to organisations to effectively manage and secure mobile devices utilised by enterprise employees. Jasper, meanwhile, delivers a standardised IoT operating service platform for organisations rolling out mobile or enterprise service.

“The combination of mobile services management by Jasper and device management from AirWatch addresses the tremendous need across enterprises for an integrated IoT/EMM solution,” said Jahangir Mohammed, founder and chief executive officer, Jasper. “Providing businesses worldwide with automated, real-time control over device and service costs, availability and security will have a transformational effect.”

The collaborative service offerings from VMware and Jasper are expected to launch in 2015. The IoT industry has gathered significant momentum in recent times, with both AT&T and Telefónica announcing connected home and IoT offerings from the operator community in recent months.

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