Visto’s Mobile email for idiots launched

Mobile email firm Visto, has launched Easy Setup, an ‘out-of-the-box solution’ designed to make setting up mobile email easy enough for the most tech-challenged consumers/business users.

Visto says that the ease with which mobile email can be deployed and used is crucial to the realisation of the market’s growth potential.

Steven Drake, program director at industry analyst IDC, welcomed the product. He believes complex setup issues with mobile email can put people off. “While many mobile professionals have an email-capable mobile device, the vast majority aren’t yet comfortable using that capability. Three factors need to come together to turn the tide and spur the mobile email market into a new phase of growth: comfort with the level of security; a wide choice of devices and ease of use, both for the users and the administrators provisioning the service.”

The company claims a consumer will be able to setup, for example, a hotmail account on a mobile phone in five minutes using the system.

Easy Setup is now part of Visto Mobile 5.5.


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