MLL readies managed backhaul service for UK LTE market

Backhaul specialist MLL Telecom is pitching a managed service offering for UK LTE networks, designed to help operators cope with the incremental data increases they will face one LTE networks are rolled out.

“The challenge is that LTE cells are now delivering data speeds of around 300Mbps and existing mobile backhaul services need to be scaled up to cope with the demand”, said Richard Brandon, head of strategy at MLL Telecom, in a statement. “The new LTE backhaul service can scale up to 500Mbps or 1Gbps with cross-polarisation, but the speeds of the services can be tailored to suit customer requirements.”

The service is based on microwave links and is designed to complement and extend the reach of fibre for situations where it is not cost effective to roll-out fixed line backhaul.

MLL owns its own spectrum at 32GHz and 40GHz and does not have to obtain planning permission for kit deployment so is able to rapidly deploy interference free point-point back-haul. It sasid that it has worked with Ericsson on a LTE trial in Europe, providing back-haul speeds of 650Mbps for aggregated cell sites.

Gary Marven, COO said, “The LTE links we have already installed are maintaining the high level of availability and resilience we experience from our our existing microwave links, so we are confident they will offer our customers the same high service levels they are used to.”

The service will mean that BT’s 21CN network has a rival for back-haul in the LTE space.

The auction for LTE spectrum in the UK is due to be held in early 2012 with networks expected to be rolled out in 2013. However, it was revealed last week that PCCW’s UK arm UK Broadband was looking into offering an LTE network on a wholesale basis as early as 2012.

The fourth annual LTE North America Conference takes place in Texas, US, November 8-9

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