Telefónica Argentina hires Amdocs for BSS transformation

Telefónica Argentina and Amdocs have announced an extension to their existing partnership. Amdocs, the BSS specialist, will assume responsibility for a wider array of BSS services transformation for the telco, including billing and ordering, and legacy systems integration.

Telefónica Argentina has previously collaborated with Amdocs, with transformation of BSS undertaken on the carrier’s wireless and wireline businesses in 2012 and 2014 respectively. In both instances, customer experience was the primary motivator for the BSS transformation, and it appears the telco is more than happy with the partnership’s fruitions so far.

The new agreement will see Amdocs’ services be applied to the management, maintenance, configuration, testing and training of multiple BSS systems for Telefónica Argentina, as well as third-party integration of applications. The telco serves more than 27 million customers in the fixed, mobile and high-speed internet markets.

Horacio Goldenberg, Telefónica Argentina’s CIO, believes that allowing Amdocs to take greater control over its BSS systems will afford the telco the flexibility to focus more on process and system simplification, leading to a more engaging and positive customer experience.

“Based on the success achieved so far, we are expanding our relationship with Amdocs by entrusting them to manage a broader range of our BSS systems,” he said. “This will enable us to further simplify processes and systems so that we can deliver on our transformation goal of providing a consistent, advanced and simple customer experience across all channels – whether self-service or agent assisted, via the Web, call centre or retail store.”

According to the 2014 Intelligence Industry Survey, there is significant ongoing investment in the area of BSS. Operators informed us of the key areas where BSS applications were likely to be deployed or upgraded in the next 12 months. The top three areas prioritised for investment during 2014 were customer management, selected by 42.5 per cent of respondents, billing, selected by 35.5 per cent of respondents, and self service, selected by 30.4 per cent of respondents.

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