Mavenir confirms Stoke acquisition for LTE functions

Mavenir Systems, the network software vendor, has confirmed its agreement to acquire Stoke, prior to confirming closing conditions. The acquisition will see Mavenir add Stoke’s mobile broadband gateway solution and LTE security gateways to its portfolio.

Stoke is traditionally strong in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions, and Mavenir believes the acquisition will help boost its presence in regions outside of North America, and in new product areas complimentary to its existing portfolio.

According to a statement from Mavenir, the acquisition will see the company benefit from a new and enhanced presence in Japan and South Korea, including Stoke’s existing customers NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and Samsung. It will also seek to increase its security product portfolio for LTE networks, and enter the small cell market through Stoke’s gateway offering.

President and CEO of Mavenir, Pardeep Kohli, believes the acquisition will see the organisation expand its offering for 4G LTE network development with the addition of security offerings to its existing portfolio of network functions.

“Upon completion of this acquisition, Mavenir will be expanding our portfolio and enhancing our expertise in security technologies at a critical juncture in 4G LTE network evolution,” he said. “The transition to all-IP requires robust, high-performance security solutions at the access and interconnect points to 4G LTE networks. Combined with our Session Border Controller (SBC) and evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG), Stoke’s LTE Security Gateway (SEG) enables Mavenir to deliver a complete, secure, end to end solution to our customers globally. Additionally, this acquisition expedites a key part of our growth strategy by providing penetration to the Japanese and South Korean markets, and strategically positions us in the emerging small cells market.”

Stoke, meanwhile, seems chuffed at the completion of its exit strategy, following the confirmation of Mavenir’s acquisition.

“We are very pleased to become part of Mavenir Systems and leverage the synergies of our strong customer and channel relationships. The Stoke product suite is a complementary addition to Mavenir’s technology,” he said. “We share the same innovative approach to solving network problems for top carriers.”

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