DT announces new bundles

As expected, Deutsche Telekom launched a series of new bundled offerings at the IFA consumer electronics exhibition, in Berlin on Thursday.

DT, whose chief executive Kai-Uwe Ricke is under pressure to leave, announced a package with flat rates for fixed-phone and Web access, Call&Surf Comfort, for Eur49.95 (£33.63). The German incumbent which is struggling in a fiercely competitive local market, also launched T-Home Classic, a DSL telephony offering with 6Mbit/s broadband that includes video-on-demand through T-Online. The service currently has 1,200 movies in its database. At Eur65.84, the service is comparable with traditional satellite movie services in Europe.

Finally, DT unveiled its T-Home Complete Basic service which combines VDSL-based IPTV, Web access and DSL telephony. Customers will get 60 channels, video-on-demand and access to TV archives for Eur80.84 a month.

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