Qualcomm unveils Cat 10 LTE modem, announces server move

Mobile chip giant Qualcomm has unveiled its latest LTE modem, announcing that the Gobi 9×45 modem is the first Category 10 LTE modem. It is manufactured on the 20nm process, supports carrier aggregation across the TDD and FDD spectrum, and promises notional download speeds of up to 450 Mbps.

Also launched was Qualcomm’s second-generation envelop tracker – the QFE3100 – which is designed to make modems more power efficient. This one is 30% smaller than the first version and features a number of other tweaks.

“The expansion of our connectivity solutions to include fifth-generation LTE Category 10 technology, and the QFE3100, will offer consumers more efficient mobile devices that connect seamlessly to the fastest LTE Advanced networks while consuming lower power,” said Cristiano Amon, EVP, Qualcomm Technologies.

“Today’s announcement builds on our established technology leadership in the LTE connectivity space and demonstrates our continued commitment to offering users an outstanding and unparalleled mobile experience.”

At the same event, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf announced Qualcomm plans to enter the market for server chips. He reckons the way data centers are evolving makes them ripe for chips that have power efficiency as their primary objective, as opposed to the current (mainly Intel) x86 generation.

The slides below illustrate this claim, but the announcement is short on detail about precisely why data centers will want to switch from x86 to ARM-based chips. Mollenkopf’s claim does tally with the strategy revealed by ARM CEO Simon Segars in his exclusive interview with

Qualcomm reckons data centers are entering the post x86 era

Qualcomm Reckons Data Centers Are Entering The Post X86 Era


Qualcomm wants some of this $15 billion market

Qualcomm Wants Some Of This $15 Billion Market


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