Skype intros cordless phones

Internet telephony provider Skype Thursday unveiled its first standalone cordless phones that do not require a PC to operate.

The forthcoming devices allow Skype users to make and receive calls over the internet and traditional telephone network without a computer, bundled with the convenience of a cordless (not wi-fi) phone.

The first models to be made available are the Philips VOIP841 and Netgear cordless phone for Skype – both available for Christmas.

The cordless phones are accompanied by a remote DECT base station that plugs into both the broadband connection and the traditional phone line.

Existing Skype users can sign into their account, and download all their contacts to the cordless phone, as well as being able to search Skype contacts directly on the phone, and add them to an integrated contact list for both Skype contacts and traditional phone numbers.

The phones support premium Skype features, including SkypeOut, SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail.

Skype has already introduced wi-fi phones and Skype for PocketPC wireless devices.


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