Samsung demos 4G

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its fledgling 4G technology in Jeju, South Korea.

The electronics firm demonstrated a transmitter and receiver capable of exchanging data at 100MB/second while traveling in a vehicle moving at 35mph +.

According to the firm, its 4G technology could, theoretically, make it possible to download a 300MB of data in around 2.4 seconds. An 800 MB media file could be downloaded in around 5.6 seconds, Samsung said.

The technology – dubbed IMT-advanced -was shown at the Shilla Hotel in Jeju where the firm’s mobile chief, Lee Ki-tae said: “After the World Radiocommunication Conference in October next year determines the frequencies to be used for our 4G telecommunications technology, we will make up for any technological defects and start commercial 4G services around 2010 via mobile carriers at home and abroad.”

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) defines 4G as a future wireless technology with speeds of 1Gbps while stationary and up to 100Mbps when moving.

Lee added: “The 4-G technology will usher in an era where we can watch high-definition movies and control home appliances such as fridges and air conditioners in a fast-moving car. When commercial 4G services start, it will bring about a sea change to our daily lives.”

Spectrum for 4G will be ratified at the World Radiocommunication Conference in October 2007.


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