Novatel, Consert, Verizon in US smart grid play

US mobile device manufacturer Novatel Wireless, best known for its MiFi 3G and 4G hotspot unit, has struck a partnership with load management firm Consert to embed 3G modules into an electric grid load management suite.

Consert’s Virtual Peak Plant platform is designed to create a more reliable electric grid by offering real-time, integrated load management through the pairing of utility and consumer offerings.

The load management hardware and software platform allows residential and small commercial consumers to set up personalised energy profiles to control their high-energy consuming appliances and have the ability to change those profile settings at any time from any internet enabled device. During periods of high energy demand, the utility company can reduce demand on its electrical system by controlling its customers’ consumption within the limits of their personal energy profiles.

Novatel will provide its Expedite E396 PCI Express Mini Card – an embedded module for 3G mobile data applications – for integration into the Consert offering.

The M2M platform operates over Verizon Wireless’ 3G and 4G LTE networks and the carrier is also demonstrating a smart meter solution built by the two companies earlier this year.


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