Ofcom report hails O2, RootMetrics crowns EE

Ofcom has published a report on customer satisfaction levels in mobile, broadband, pay TV and landline services. Compared to previous years, the report showed steady level of satisfaction in mobile with O2 topping the table in the mobile service provider stakes. Meanwhile RootMetrics put EE on top in London.

The report, based on responses from 3,402 consumers, rated overall mobile customer service satisfaction at 73%, similar to previous years according to the regulator. But satisfaction among those who had made a complaint has increased to 59%, up 13% since 2011.

“When a customer needs to contact their communications provider, it’s important that they find the process as quick and easy as possible,” Ofcom’s Consumer and Content Group Director Claudio Pollack said.

Customer contact rate in the mobile sector was down by 19% year-on-year. Ofcom said it monitors customer satisfaction as part of its wider statutory responsibilities, claiming this ensures consumers are able to make informed choices when choosing a service provider.

EE is lagging in mobile customer service

Ee Is Lagging In Mobile Customer Service According To Ofcom

“Our research gives consumers valuable information about the standards of customer service across different sectors. As well as being a useful point of reference for consumers who may be choosing a new service or provider, we hope this research will provide an industry benchmark and act as an incentive for providers to continue aiming for the highest standards of customer service.”

In the broadband segment satisfaction rate at 67% was slightly lower than in mobile, but there was an increase for those who had complaint lifting the rating up to 52%, up 14% since 2011.

Virgin scored highest for fixed-line customer service

Virgin Scored Highest For Fixed-Line Customer Service

Meanwhile analytics firm RootMetrics has published a London-wide operator ranking putting EE on top of the table. According to the report, EE was heralded as number one for the fourth consecutive time in the RootMetrics Overall and Mobile Internet RootScore Awards.

While EE and Three shared distinction as the most reliable networks in the UK capital, O2 ranked third, leaving Vodafone last.

“Our unbiased testing is meant to show people in London how the mobile networks perform in real-world situations,” RootMetrics CEO and President Bill Moore said.

“EE has again shown itself to be the top-performing network in the city, but all four networks have improved in terms of both overall performance and network reliability since our testing in April. Three and EE again ranked first on our Network Reliability Index, but O2 and Vodafone are closing the gap. This level of competition is great news for residents of London.”

Although it is a bit like comparing apples and pears, the different rankings of the two reports just go to show how one individual study doesn’t necessarily mean the result will be as favourable from all research. All UK talcos can take some positives and some negatives from this latest round of suveys.

EE came out top in London thanks mainly to speed

Ee Came Out Top In Rootmetrics’ London Survey Thanks Mainly To Speed

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