Telefonica, Ericsson bring 4G to Peruvian Amazon

Telefónica and Ericsson have collaborated on a project to bring 4G to Amazon’s Peruvians connecting schools, healthcare facilities and other public body entities to the internet. The two partners said this marks the first time LTE technology has been brought to the Amazon communities.

Ericsson said the project demonstrates its commitment to ‘technology for good’, the motivation also behind a recent research study the vendor carried out with analyst firm Arthur D. Little in the correlation of internet access and GDP. According to the report’s findings, every 10 percentage point increase in broadband raises a nation’s GDP by 1%.

The report also suggested providing internet connection not only helps reducing the digital gap and fosters economic growth, but also helps people access resources online that can help with job creation, education and better quality of life.

“This kind of project is crucial for the development of the country, since it connects rural areas not only with the rest of Peru, but also with the whole world,” Cesar Linares, General Manager, Telefónica Peru, said. “Connectivity brings innumerable benefits that translate into socio-economic development, especially in remote and inaccessible areas.”

Eduardo Ricotta, Vice President, Ericsson Latin America, said: “This effort marks another landmark in the alliance both companies share in social impact projects and, at the same time, further consolidates the leadership of Ericsson in networks in the region, connecting extremely rural areas with the latest in 4G mobile broadband technology.”

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