BT cuts off ISP… and 5,000 customers

A row between BT and UK service provider Euro1Net, has resulted in 5,000 of the latter’s customers having their broadband service cut off.

Euro1Net’s service was suspended after BT Wholesale said the company had repeatedly failed to pay its bills.

The company is not available for comment and says on its website that it cannot ‘comment further at this time due to possible legal action against BT’.

Euro1Net’s customers are now directed to a web page posted that says: ‘BT Wholesale has stopped providing a service to Advanced Data Services – Euro1Net’s parent – due to the non-payment of invoices – We are now working to ensure you are able to order a new broadband service with a provider of your choice as soon as possible. The technical process should be completed by Tuesday 5th September 2006.’

Euro1Net charges £120 for its annual unlimited 512k service. Average broadband speeds in the UK are currently 2MB.

UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom is “investigating” the issue.

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